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The Wonky Woolins



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Handmade with our super soft chenille yarn, Ducky is the perfect gift for a new baby or child with a birthday coming up


24cm H x 17cm L x 12cm W


Ducky will arrive in a drawstring bag making her perfect for gifting and future adventures


Meet Ducky the Duck, a quack-tastic wonder from the whimsical world of The Wonky Waters! With soft white fur and vibrant yellow feathers, Ducky is not just a stuffed toy—this feathered friend is ready to waddle into everyones heart.


Embroidered with features that twinkle with charm, pemguin is the fluffiest companion in the pond. Their downy wings are perfect for cuddles, and their embroidered eyes sparkle with quacky delight. Hand-stitched by the skilled hands of The Wonky Waters artisans, penguin is a masterpiece for little ones seeking a feathery friend.


Soft as a pond breeze and as lovable as can be, Penguin is the perfect playmate for arctic adventures and bedtime stories. Whether it's a quack-tastic dance party or a sleepy cuddle, penguin is always ready to bring a splash of whimsy to your child's world.

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